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Our eyes which are precious but we can careless about!
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Eye Exerciser ( Eyesight Recovery Apparatus) / Personal Scope- EX

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Vision Therapy Eye Exercises Stretching Massage eye care

(Eyesight Recovery Apparatus)

  • All in one (all kinds of eye exercise)
  • easy to use, confortable to sue,
  • Kids, Adult, Elder can expercise by only 1 device
  • making the most of natural of eyes

Best for who has/is

  1. shortsighted
  2. glasses or contact lens
  3. eye fatigue
  4. smartphone/video or computer game addicts
  5. desk workers with monitors
  6. dry eye
  7. difficulty on reading newspaper
  8. low eyesight(vision) which decline rapidly
  9. concerning Lasik or Lasek

The eyesight(vision) can be improved or maintainedeven though someone who has worn spectacles for shortsight or far-sightedor squint or presbyopia or Amblyopia

This eye exerciser is programmed 5 minutes for automatically training the muscle of eyes

You can remove your glasses or contact!!

(If you use it very often and regularly)

  • Invention Patent Registration No. 0359001
  • Utility Model Registration No. 074335
  • Patent Registration No. 10-1179810
  • ISO 9001, KC, CE, FCC, C-Tick, FDA class 1

Personal Scope-EX structure

① Pilot Light⑦ Checking Card
② Switch⑧ Slide bar
③ Silicon Rubber⑨ Light collection apron
④ Eye Lens⑩ Card clip
⑤ Object Lens⑪ Battery cover
⑥ Band Loop

Components: Personal scope-EX, adapter, self vision measuring chart, lens cleaning cloth, manuals User vision check book, 3 batteries, double-sided binocular fusion card

※ How to use Personal Scope-EX

  1. Hang Personal Scope-EX around the neck, put its front side on a desk, wear a band on the head,adjust it properly, hold the machine with two hands and then switch on the machine.
  2. When the vibrator begins to softly massage around eyes, you should close your eyes, ease fatigueof your eyes and wait for eye training in a comfortable posture (for a minute).
  3. When the massage is over, the shutter opens and regular training of luminosity reflection begins.
  4. When the shutter opens, a shutter in the distant place closes and eyeball training begins followingLED light (Do eyeball training according eight programs).
  5. For one time, just luminosity reflection training is made as the shutter opens and closes.
  6. As finishing training, when the vibrator works, you should slowly close your eyes and softly massagearound the eyes for a minute. After it, the machine automatically stops working and there sounds a smallbuzzer and then the first round training is complete.
  7. You can use the machine two or four rounds at a time. If you use over five rounds at a time, you cansuffer from eye fatigue. Therefore, you’d better to use the machine frequently during a day, instead ofusing it for a long time at a time.
  8. It is good for you to use the machine over three times a day, to pull a slide in front of the machine,stick a binocular fusion card in it and check binocular fusion card regularly.

The card is only for checking binocular visionIf someone who have squint or too much different eyesight on their both eye, they might not have binocular visionBecause their vision cannot focus the image, as doubleThey only use the card one time a month for checking

*If you do not have squint or too much different eyesight on your both eye,You do not need the card, just use the product very often

※ Caution

Personal Scope-EX is an instrument for training to recover vision, so it is effective for people withnear-sightedness, long-sightedness, distorted vision, presbyopia, squint and a big difference betweenboth eye visions. Personal Scope-EX, however, is not a medical instrument, so people who want touse this should seek counseling from eye doctors.

  1. This instrument doesn’t work if any one of three batteries is short of capacity.
  2. Users should be act the switch repeatedly and frequently (The life of this instrument can get shorter.)