Our eyes which are precious but we can careless about!
Keep and manage your eye health with
IZON's Eye Exerciser

Eye Exerciser

Eye Exercises Wearable

(Eyesight Recovery Apparatus)

Model : Personal Scope-EX

Battery : AA Battery x 3 EA

DC Adapter(Free voltage) : 100~240v

Silicon : DYNAFLEX® G6713-0001


Eye Exerciser(Eyesight Recovery Apparatus) is invented to help managing the eye for improving or maintaining eyesight And massaging around the eye to rest from fatigue of the eye for health of the eye.

  • Eyeball Training Mechanism(eyeball movement)
  • Training Mechanism of ciliary muscle by adjusting muscle
  • The mechanism of iris by the function of brightness accommodation.
  • Chiropractic vibration function for acupoints
  • Retina Stimulation
  • Chiropractic vibration function for acupoint

This apparatus is programmed 5 minutes for training the muscle of eyes and invented for making the most of natural of eyes.

Furthermore, It is much better(more than 100%) than other existing solutions because most of other existing solutions, as glasses and an operation, has some side effects.

But this apparatus, totally different from other existing solutions, makes the most of natural of eyes.

① Pilot Light
② Switch
③ Silicon Rubber
④ Eye Lens
⑤ Object Lens
⑥ Band Loop
⑦ Checking Card
⑧ Slide bar
⑨ Light collection apron
⑩ Card clip
⑪ Battery cover


How to use

0` ~ 1`

Close the eyes while vibrating for giving relaxation

1` ~ 4`

Open the eyes and See the front naturally 

1. closing and opening shutter for using the muscle of the eye(big part of function)

- it can help your eyes to control the light

2. moving Red lights for using the muscle of the eye

4` ~ 5`

Close the eyes while vibrating for giving last relaxation

It is recommended to exercise at least 2-3 times (10-15 minutes) continuously when exercising.

However, it is recommended not to try more than four times in a row at one exercise.

(Excessive exercise can also increase fatigue in the eye.)