Our eyes which are precious but we can careless about!
Keep and manage your eye health with
IZON's Eye Exerciser

About Company

IZON, the manufacturing and developing of eye exercise device, established to Help to maintain and improve eyesight through eye exerciser.

professional staffs have had the expertise for the eye exercise for over 34 years.

IZON's product got some of certifications, such as ISO9001, KC, CE, FCC, C-TICK, and be registered FDA Class 1.

Technology of IZON's product has been proven by TV program(SBS IDEA HOWMUCH)

and the thesis which written by a professor in Gangwon National University.


- The Alternative Medicine Gold Medal from INPEX(International Invention show in Pittsburgh PA,US)

- Gold Medal from Moscow International Salon of Inventions and InnovationTechnologies “Archimedes”

- Silver Award from Switzerland International Invention Show

- Super Gold from Poland Warsaw International Invention Show

- The Grand Award from Malaysia international Invention show(Pecipta)

- The Health Care Gold Medal from China International Invention Show

- Grand Award from Canada International Invention Innovation Competition in Toronto, Canada

- Gold Award from Taiwan International Invention Competition

- 2016, 2017 Korea Customer Satisfied Brand Grand Award - 2 consecutive years


About Thirty five years ago, I, CEO of IZON,Mr.Sukjong Chang has been wearing eyeglasses for almost 10 years.

At that time, I thought that i wanted to take off eyeglasses because I had felt a pain in my nose and ears which were pressed by eyeglasses.

While I was reading many books which told me that I could have better vision, Finally, I found some reasons for my bad vision That is IZON’s beginning I realized that natural men took sunbathing and looked at far away during daytime and their eyes took a rest at night thinking they were part of nature.

Even if they abused their eyes during daytime, they took a rest and did training after it and they let their eyes rest at night.

I recovered my normal vision in 18 months after doing eye training with an instrument for vision recovery which was developed after research and letting my eyes take a rest.

In the past, mothers blocked sunlight to their rooms even at the moment when their babies were born and they gave their babies an environment just like mother’s stomach for three weeks These days, however, babies are born in the brightest place and they stay at a bright room exclusively for them all day long.

In addition people turn on lamps while milking them, stressing their eyes with light.

Many children live in bright places, get accustomed to small letters and look at things closely. Under such situations, people become to have bad vision.

Looking at them, I developed an eye exerciser. As people think vision which once becomes bad can’t be recovered, they have been careless about it.

A social phenomenon of rapidly worsening vision due to various environments has become an issue and a movement to prevent vision from getting bad and to recover vision has been displayed.

For this, an instrument to strengthen training of eyeballs was developed after long research. Education has been conducted for elementary school students, winning favorable response.

I will make utmost efforts to maintain good vision and make a healthy world through helping people easily and interestingly practice through an instrument to strengthen eyeball muscles.

CEO and Founder of IZON Mr. Sukjong Chang